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Lepore was established in 1945 by Donato Lepore, sons Dominic
and Eugene Lepore, Julius Tarsi, Sr.

The company remains a family business with members of the Lepore and
Tarsi families continuing to play a direct role in current projects.

Gregory J. Lepore


Gregory (Greg) Lepore has over 36 years of experience with Dan Lepore & Sons and has been president of the company since 1991. Greg is responsible for all aspects of management of the firm’s activities and operations including: contracts, insurance, bonding, technical review of large projects, and operations. In addition, he is responsible for the oversight, management, and construction of institutional, governmental, and commercial projects. 

Greg has extensive experience in the furnishing and installation of stone, precast, panelized masonry, and unit masonry generally on the exterior veneer envelope and development, procurement, and use of stone anchoring. He has also worked on projects involving stone removal, stabilization, and reconstruction of exterior building veneers, interior stone construction, and hardscaping.

Greg’s earlier experience includes estimating, project management, and working as an apprentice and journeyman stonemason. He graduated from Villanova University in 1974 with a BS in Economics from the College of Commerce & Finance.

Julius D. Tarsi

Executive Vice President

Julius (Jules) Tarsi is an industry leader with over 36 years of experience in the masonry and stone business with Dan Lepore & sons. His areas of expertise include: estimating, project management, and purchasing for both stone and masonry projects.

He is also experienced as a project manager and project executive in the education, healthcare, commercial, historic, sporting, and residential market segments.

Jules graduated from Villanova University in 1974 with a BS in Business Administration.

Anthony E. Lepore

Executive Vice President

Anthony (Tony) Lepore has over 25 years of industry experience with Dan Lepore & Sons. His principal areas of responsibility include oversight and management of the restoration of historic structures and monuments.

For the past 20 years, Tony has been developing and expanding the firm’s capabilities and expertise in the restoration of stone, brick, terra cotta, and concrete. Tony has specialized knowledge and expertise in the conservation, handling, and treatment of masonry in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation. He has also pioneered the large-scale application of water mist cleaning on historic marble and limestone.

Tony attended the University of Massachusetts and Temple University where he developed his expertise in construction estimating, specification writing, and interpretation. Tony has attended multiple workshops including the Coating and Consolidants Workshop, the APT/National Park Service/Historic Preservation Education Foundation RESTORE Intensive Workshop, and the Jahn Restoration Training Workshop. He has also participated in the Keim Mineral Coating Restoration Certification Training program.